From Florence by car

In case you’re driving from Rome: A1 Roma – Firenze, Incisa Val D’Arno exit;
Whe you reach Pontassieve, take the SS 67 towards Forlì.

From Bologna by car

A14 towards Ancona, Forlì exit;
When you reach Forlì, take the SS 67 towards Firenze.

Car sharing

There are only a few car parks in San Benedetto: share a car with your friends or offer a lift on this page or on our Facebook group!

From Florence by bus

Please check the trains to Florence on Trenitalia or Italo.
Autolinee Toscane, +39 055 8490505

From Forlì by bus

Please check the trains to Forlì on Trenitalia or Italo.
The bus station is 100m from the train station, on the left.
You can reach San Benedetto in Alpe by bus from Forlì on weekdays: please check out the bus timetable.
The bus will only bring you from Forlì to Rocca San Casciano: you will have to book a bus from Rocca San Casciano to San Benedetto. Please call 199 11 55 77 and book your bus to San Benedetto in Alpe in advance: you can do so up to 1 day before your bus journey is scheduled, by 5pm.
There is no bus service on bank holidays (November 1st): you can ask for a lift back from San Benedetto to Forlì on this page or on our Facebook group.