You can attend a course at SBFF and book your accommodation in San Benedetto in Alpe only by completing our registeration form.

If you can’t find any suitable solution for you or if all the listed hotels/guest-houses/hostels/campings are fully booked, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll send you a list of other facilities near San Benedetto in Alpe.

If the kind of accommodation you booked doesn’t offer any meals, make sure you book your lunch and dinner in advance: San Benedetto in Alpe is a tiny village and there are hundreds of people staying over for the festival! You can use the contacts provided in the ‘Food’ page.

‘Acquacheta’ Hotel & Restaurant

Via Molino 46, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe
Full board: 50€ per day / person
Tel. +39 0543 965314

‘Rio Destro Trekking’ Guest-house

Via Biforco 7, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe
Ensuite room for 4 people, 50€ per person a day;
Room for 12 people, 42€ per person/day;
Room in flat for 8 people, 47€ per person/day.
Breakfast not included.
Tel. +39 349 159 65 20 / +39 340 49 12 876

‘Il Vignale’ Hostel & Restaurant

Via Acquacheta 7, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe
Dorms with heating, toilets and showers. Only sheets, blankets and pillows are provided.
B&B – 20€ per person/day;
Half board – 30€ per person/day;
Full board – 40€ per person/day.
Tel. +39 347 599 9078


‘Il Laghetto’ Restaurant

Sleeping accommodation available in flats, please contact for further information.
Via Molino 11, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe
Tel. +39 0543 965241
Mob. +39 348 7236044

‘Acquacheta’ Camping & Restaurant

Sites for tents and campers
Viale Acquacheta 7/B, 47010 San Benedetto in Alpe
Mob. +39 342 9482909
Mob. +39 345 1859788

Casa della Carità

Dorms with heating, toilets with showers.
Sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, towels are not provided.
The kitchen can’t be used and breakfast is not included.
If you wish to book a bed in Casa della Carità, please state it in your registration email to The staff will send you an email containing instructions on how to pay for accommodation in Casa della Carità in advance via bank transfer.