About us

San Benedetto in Alpe Folkfest was born in 2000 to promote Irish traditional music and dancing in Italy and it quickly became a regular meeting for dancers and musicians.

Participants will have the chance to choose among a wide range of courses run by Irish musicians or to take part in workshops which will explore various kinds of European dances (from Ireland to Brittany, from France to Sardinia and Southern Italy).

Dance and music are complementary although they are often separated in many festivals: this is why we organise a ‘multicultural ceili‘ each night with musicians playing for the dancers.

The festival is not a business, it isn’t funded by any private or public bodies and it relies entirely on the voluntary contribution of participants, organisers and teachers. It is not easy to organise it, but the fact it has taken place for nearly 15 years leads us to believe the festival is a very important event for anyone taking part in it.

Participants, volunteers and teachers, thank you so much for making it possible year after year!

We would also like to thank the City Council of San Benedetto in Alpe & Portico for the venues, the National Park of Casentino Forests (yes, the festival takes place in a stunning national park in Italy – mountains, waterfalls, tunes & dances all the time) and the lovely people living in the village!

Past editions